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We are a seafood company located on Madeira island (Portugal), specialized in processing and wholesaling all kinds of seafood, working as a liaison between fishermen and consumer.
We strive to provide products with a higher standard of quality, and to show the market innovative solutions.
Ilhapeixe is a company under GRUPO ILHAPEIXE.



Fishing has been a cornerstone of the Madeiran economy since its colonization. Since then, the black scabbardfish has always been one of the most captured (and sought after) fish.

In 1996, when our company was created, the processing of this fish was almost inexistent. We seized this opportunity, becoming the first processing industry for black scabbardfish, introducing two presentations to the retailers: fish steak and fillet.

The market’s positive response led to an increase in the consumption of this species in the region, helping the local economy to thrive.

Despite black scabbardfish being our ex-libris, we wholesale several other species of fish and shellfish. We specially recommend the tuna fish and limpets, species with a great Madeiran tradition, and the Gilthead seabream, a product from Madeiran aquaculture developed by a Grupo Ilhapeixe company.


Photo about a black scabbardfish.Photo about a tuna.Photo about a yellow limpet and a dark one.A Gilthead Seabream.


Grupo IlhaPeixe

GRUPO ILHAPEIXE was created in 2020, with the following companies

Seafood processor and wholesaler/retailer at Madeira island.

Aquaculture off the coast of Madeira

Meat and meat related products wholesaler/retailer at Madeira island.

Seafood processor and wholesaler/retailer at the Azorean archipelago.


Goals See more

To ensure the consumption of Madeiran products, achieving total satisfaction from our consumers.

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To ensure there are no shortages, respecting the species sustainability, in order to satisfy the market’s needs.

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1531tons exported




1 519 kg Germany

6 935 kg U.S.A.

3 481 kg Netherlands

939 460 kg Portugal

122 628 kg Azores

354 kg Austria

23 823 kg France

170 654 kg Spain

12 458 kg U.K.







1 750 TONS


The preservation of marine biodiversity is crucial to maintaining the balance of all the ecosystems on Earth. The increase in demand has taken its toll on natural fish stocks, which are limited and fast depleting.

Aquaculture, with responsible practices, is the best known solution to satisfy the demand for seafood from an ever-growing population.

To take part on this fight for the preservation of the natural life of the oceans, allied to the will to decrease product import, as a way to ensure madeiran products consumption, in 2004, we decided to take a chance on the production of gilthead seabream, by obtaining the rights to fish farm in Baía d’Abra, through the company AQUABAÍA.

The market’s favorable response allowed us to increase our production. We now have 8 floating cages on Baía d’Abra (Caniçal), and 20 floating cages on Campanário (Ribeira Brava).

The pure water from the Atlantic ocean which bathes our island, and the strength of the ocean currents, allied to the low density of fish per cage and carefully selected feed, result in healthy, brawny fish, with unparalleled quality.

We are currently in contact with sustainability certification entities, for them to evaluate our practices, so we can certify what we already know: that our Gilthead seabream come from a responsible and sustainable aquaculture practice.


• Our veterinarian and competent authorities closely monitor the health status of the fish.

• Animal welfare is one of our goals, and we keep it in mind at all times during production process.

• We don’t use genetically modified fish.

• The fish feed is carefully selected to mimic as closely as possible its natural feeding habits.

• We do not use growth hormones.

• The gilthead seabream is farmed in an environment that is identical to its natural habitat.


For all these reasons, our Madeiran gilthead seabream is a wise and sustainable choice.


We take an active role in our community, supporting some local institutions, especially madeiran sports.

We highlight the support that we gave to João Rodrigues, in his campaign to take part on the 2016 Olympic games.

We would also like to highlight our association with GRACE – responsible companies organization. This is a non-profit business association that works in the social responsibility and sustainability areas. Find out more more at grace.pt

The logo of the association GRACE and their partner symbol.

Finally, we are also partners off the “Escola Azul” (Blue School) project. This is an educational project by the Ministry of Economy and the Sea that aims to promote Ocean Literacy in schools and thus create new generations that contribute to the sustainability of the oceans.

Partnership flag of the Blue School project.


Photo about kids practicing motocross.
Photo about people waiting to start cycling.
Photo about a futebol team of kids, with the Ilhapeixe logo on their t-shirts.
Photo about the athlete João Rodrigues practicing windsurf, with the Ilhapeixe logo on the sail.
Photo about a group of athletes with equipment red and black.
Photo about a group of girls showing of the Ilhapeixe logo on their equipment.