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Seafood requires maximum care to maintain utmost freshness and quality throughout the entire production process.

Therefore, we have implemented the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) protocol since 2010. This ensures that all our products are safe for consumption.

Our factory unit is 16 minutes away from both ports on our island, 30 minutes away from the loading dock of our aquaculture exploration, and 8 minutes away from the airport. This, in tandem with our fleet of vehicles equipped with refrigeration systems, ensures maximum freshness of the products when they arrive at our facilities and when they leave for distribution.

We also have an intern quality department, which closely monitors all that is done and are certified in abiding to the sanitary and hygienic requirements of our country and the European Commission by the Veterinary Control Number PT R 0001 01 P CE.


We have a strong commitment to the sea, which provides our product. Whether through the acquisition of wild fish or through the practice of aquaculture, we know that we have the responsibility to preserve the species and keep the environment healthy, so that future generations can also enjoy the same resources as we do now.

That’s why we follow the following sustainability policies:

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