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“Feira do Mar e do Pescador” 2023


On the 13th, 14th and 15th of October, we were once again present at the “Feira do Mar e do Pescador” 2023, in Caniçal (Madeira Island).

In this edition, we had an improved space, larger and more prominent than the other exhibitors.

In addition to having products on display, another news was the invitation made to the character “A Biqueira” to make two showcookings in our space and with our products. The two recipes presented were: Dry skipjack marinated in sandwiches and Tuna steak with villain sauce and potatoes.

As expected, the number of visitors was very good, especially on the last day of showcooking.

Regarding the “Feira do Mar e do Pescador” 2023, as in the previous year, there were also lectures, several shows and awards revealing.

If you didn’t have the opportunity to participate in this year’s “Feira do Mar e do Pescador”, you can take a look at the NaMinhaTerra channel.

If you managed to participate, but want to learn more about our product catalogue, take a look here: Ilhapeixe Products.